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How do anti-aging products reverse the aging process?

We are all getting older... There is no avoiding it. Wrinkes, fine lines, crows feet are all words that any 30+ person dreads.  Whilst grey hair can easily be covered up with a quick trip to the supermarket, finding a reliable and more importantly, effective anti-aging cream can be much more difficult.

According to Euromonitor International, anti-aging products now account for close to $9.8 billion dollars of the skin care market. But is the drive to deliver on the promise of hope in a jar bringing us any closer to finding the fountain of youth? Whilst many of us believe we need to pay more to get this miracle cream, is this necessarily true? .  How many of them really actually work? Sure they may have the "clinically proven" tag but under what conditions have they been tested?  Quite often whilst these products have been clinically tested, they have not been tested by an independant professional organisation.

So what really makes a successful anti-aging product?

The first and most important component of a successful anti-aging product is its ability to regenerate collagen in the skin.  Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body. It is the protein that provides scaffold and structure in everything from bone, muscle, ligaments and yes... our skin.  As we age however, collagen naturally declines and we are eventually left with less firm and saggy skin. A successful anti-aging product must either contain fresh collagen or ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000 to assist the regneration process. 

The second component of a successful anti aging product is hydration.  It must be effective at retaining water in the skin so the nutrients in the skin can do their job. All moisturisers do this right?  Whilst this is true some are much more effective than others.  This is primarily due to them containing ingredients that can help retain water more effectively.  Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is virtually unmatched in hydrating the skin because of its ability to retain water more effectively than many other natural substances. Products with Hyaluronic Acid naturally retain water and consequently aid in this rejuvenation process.

The third component of a successful anti aging product is its anti-oxidant concentation.  Anti-oxidants are responsible for destroying free radicals in our body.  Free radicals are the nasty creatures that have been proven to lead to the onset of illness and in some cases, cancer.  Free radicals also attack and destroy collagen in the skin.  A skincare cream that contains high levels of anti-oxidants will help keep collagen levels in the skin high, and as a result, youthful.

Here at Supps & Skincare we research our skincare products very carefully.  We strive to keep or customers happy and therefore need to ensure that we are supplying them with the right anti-aging products.  Feel free to check out our range of skincare and anti aging items on our homepage If you have any further uestions about what may work best for you please feel free to ask.