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The coffee berry phase: Fact or fiction?

With every coffee commercial that we are bombarded with on our television screens comes the boast of its high anti-oxidant effects.  Coffee has long been known to have a large amount of anti-oxidants or those good particles that destroy dangerous free radicals in our body.  "Drinking a cup of coffee a day will help fight off cancer".   It was only time until a major phamacetical company took it upon itself to use parts of the coffee plant and rather than drinking it,  extract it into a cream, with the end result providing everlasting youthful skin.

But how effective is the "coffee berry" in destroying free radicals in the skin? To be honest not enough research has been done to determine its exact effectiveness in destroying the free radicals in the skin and allowing collagen to restore.  However sales from companies such as Priori from thousands of satisfied customers shouldnt be sneezed at either. Priori continues to expand worldwide 

Believing that they were onto something with coffeeberry, Priori had the natural wonder drug clinically tested.  Its results were amazing.  The trial was conducted over an 8 week period with the following conclusion 

"CoffeeBerry® is one of nature’s most potent anti oxidants, delivering superb anti-ageing benefits including a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and a dramatic reduction and evening of irregular skin tones and hyper pigmentation based on purely natural ingredient formulations" (JH Skincare Clinics).

A number of before and after photo's were taken of women who used the coffeeberry products in the Revitalizing Cleanser, Radiance eye Serum, Tightening serum, Brightening Complex and Night complex. The photographs clearly show a marked increase in firmness of the skin, less obvious crows feet and fine lines and in general a much more youthful appearance.

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