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ESP Pre-Workout Review: Metabolic Nutrition's Phenomenon

It is hard to walk into any gym or fitness environment today and not see someone using a pre-trainer.  They help provide that instant explosive energy that can allow you to achieve your best and create personal bests along the way.  But which of the pre-trainers sold are the best and why?

Cellucor has long laid claim to the best pre-trainer with its C4.  Containing 150mg of caffeine and a rather large 1.6g of Beta Alanine, its users have described it as a long lasting rush due to the caffeine and beta alanine allows them to train without the same fatigue.  However, due to its high Beta Alanine content it also cause tingling and flushing, which is not ideal when you are trying to train to your optimum.

Musclepharm has its "Assault" as its core and premium pre trainer. Containing an even larger amount of 2g of Beta Alanine and a propietary blend of caffeine and other stimulants it also is very popular.  However it is also this propietary blend that allows Musclepharm and other supplement companies to put "non active" ingredients that its users wouldnt possibly use had they know.

However it was Metabolic Nutrition that burst onto the scene in late 2014 with its new and improved pre-trainer E.S.P.  Scientifically formulated, E.S.P contains a mixture of essential vitamins and minerals as well as stimulants that allows its users to get the most out of its training.  Like many other pre-trainers, E.S.P is also sugar free but unlike these pre-trainers does not have a "crash".  How could an item that creates such a buzz not have the same crash?  It is definitely a very big positive that the scientists at Metabolic Nutrition have going for them.  

The other big positive of E.S.P is that there isnt a "set serving size".  As different people have different reactions to the stimulants such as caffeine in its products, Metabolic allows it users to alter their doses.  They have a small, regular and extreme dose. Not only does this benefit those individuals who have negative reactions to caffeine when ingested in large doses, but it allows those that don't to consume a larger dose and get more out of their training.

Reviews of Metabolic Nutrition E.S.P are for the most part very positive indeed.  A simple google search will back up this claim.  Here at Supps & Skincare we stock all flavours of E.S.P and also guarantee to provide it for our users at the cheapest possible price Australia wide.  Please check us out at and feel free to drop us a line should you have any questions.  New users get a further 5% discount off the price quoted and we will happily provide express post on orders over $80.

E.S.P is best stacked with its other products that we also stack. Try using E.S.P with Metabolic Nutrition Tri-pep (BCAA formula), T.A.G (post workout wonder product) and/or C.P.G (Creatine).